The Circle of Na’mow

Inspired By Real Life Events



Step inside the Circle-discover hidden treasures that enchant the psyche


“I am more than just a granite rock for I hold the imprints of All that have walked upon me, burrowed deep within me, flown above me, and swum within my waters. I carry the history of all these lives.”

Na’mow, this wondrously massive granite rock who bestows us with the feminine essence of ALL, is now your home. May you treat her and all things that call her home with respect and protect her integrity.


Lola knew about death.
She was five when the car her dad was driving accidentally struck and killed her beloved cat, the one she called Tiger. Tiger’s mangled and bloodied body was sprawled out over the centerline of the street running out front of their house, and Lola remembered standing over her. Lifeless. Dead.
Thirteen years later, death struck again. This time it was her parents. A car accident: dead.


The sky’s inky blackness accentuated the brightness of the full moon, mesmerizing Ella as she downed her second drink. Joan reappeared and introduced her to a couple of guys whose names she didn’t remember. She didn’t remember their names because Joan was handing her a joint at the same time. Ella didn’t know a thing about pot. But she sure as hell didn’t want to demonstrate her lack of worldly acumen in front of two guys she’d only just met, so she stared at the lighter’s flame at the end of the joint and inhaled her newfound freedom.


This wasn’t a spur of the moment decision. The wild frontier of the Rocky Mountains had called to her ever since she was a child playing cowboys and Indians, and her heart yearned for the endless vistas and the impressive elevations. A place she could call home, a place where she felt connected to the land just like her ancestors had been connected to the misty moors of Ireland.


Fire has its own methods of change; they are incomparable to a flood’s. A flood transforms the landscape with the same raw materials that were present when it began. A fire not only transmutes everything in its path but can also obliterate it, wiping it off the face of the earth and vanquishing it into the ethers.

By Day Three of any wildfire, you’ve either escaped or been destroyed.

Fire was one of the most unpredictable forces in nature. You could prepare and plan for the moment it struck, but you couldn’t plan for the sheer power and destructive force of the blaze, and you really couldn’t predict how you would react until it was breathing down your neck and threatening your future.

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We come spinning out of nothingness, scattering stars
… the stars form a circle, and in the center we dance.”
~ Rumi