The Circle of Na’mow

Inspired By Real Life Events


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revI loved the book

RICHARD SCHAD, author of “The Taste of Air”

“The book builds, consuming page-after-page faster than the forest fire. I couldn’t wait to know what happened next. The night reading light stayed on and the pages flew by magically. Like the sky of the Mountain, the colors of the characters are so very bright and vivid and ever changing. The love of the Mountain is infectious and I caught it. I loved the book.”

revBy a mystical gravity, one is drawn…

PAULA J. KRUEGER, M.A., Spiritual Counselor, Illuminate Consulting

“By a mystical gravity, one is drawn into the sacred Circle of Na’mow. The characters’ human, ordinary lives intertwine with spiritual hidden treasures that tingle the senses and enchant the psyche. Settle in with a glass of wine and a deep soul curiosity; and let the Circle draw you into its warm and enlightening embrace.”

revA panoramic novel

KATE THOMPSON, M.A., author of “Therapeutic Journal Writing” and a mountain inhabitant

“’The Circle of Na’mow’ is a panoramic novel in many ways. It weaves together the individual stories of women in a mountain community and places them against the ineluctable forces of nature. These characters are transformed by the landscape they inhabit just as they struggle to transform it in their turn. They are intimately bound together and we must go with them.”

revHomage to nature, wildlife and a mountain community…

ANITA WILKS, Editor, Highlander Monthly

“Magical divine feminine alongside comical irreverence with memorable characters makes this book a great read. Homage to nature, wildlife and a mountain community of friends gives any reader much to enjoy. The events and characters will stay with you long after you finish the book because they have special meaning and focus on ideas more important than material possessions. Lessons can be learned by anyone open enough to let these wonderful women, men and community bonds forge a lasting impression with their shared thoughts and experiences.”
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We come spinning out of nothingness, scattering stars
… the stars form a circle, and in the center we dance.”
~ Rumi