The Circle of Na’mow

Inspired By Real Life Events


Something was out of the ordinary…

In 1974, Bridget, Ella, and Lola,

three naive adolescents, leave behind their mundane, predictable lives to pursue unconstrained passion and adventure. They find their way to Na’mow, a mountain hidden behind Boulder’s majestic Flatirons in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains. For two decades, they immerse themselves in their love of the land and the joys of family and friends while navigating a complex maze of infidelity, alcoholism, and loss.

All the while, the polarity of nature – the blizzards, windstorms, and wildfires coexisting within Na’mow’s mesmerizing landscape – serves to shape the character of these young, spirited, and undaunted women. But the story does not end there as unseen forces work to orchestrate the trio’s personal transformation into adulthood and prepare them for something completely out of the ordinary: the Circle of Na’mow, a place where the divine feminine is explored and celebrated.

Then, in 1996, a menacing force of nature challenges their love, faith, and resilience, and only one thing is certain:
It is coming.


Step inside the Circle-discover hidden treasures that enchant the psyche

NA’MOW – The mountain didn’t favor the divinely feminine. The mountain didn’t play favorites. But the mountain understood strength, recognized courage, and rejoiced in change, growth, and the inevitable transition of Life.

LOLA – People routinely asked her what kind of drugs she was on because they wanted some. Her standard reply was, “Drugs? I’m high on Life.”

ELLA – Stupidity, she discovered, had big consequences, ones you had to live with forever.

BRIDGET – The reality of leaving everyone and everything she had ever known behind gripped her heart, but fear was not going to stop her, not now, not ever.

FIRE – A grateful respite from the wind lasted less than an hour. When it returned, it returned with increasing ferocity. The flames were relentless in their pursuit, destroying anything and everything in their path. Mother Nature had conspired to create the perfect conditions for a fast moving wildfire: a rainless summer, low humidity, a forest floor thick with natural kindling. Parched grasses, pine needles, twigs, and decaying branches ignited like a tinderbox. Densely populated acres of pine, juniper, and aspen trees awaited their fate.


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Book Reviews

What readers are saying

revI loved the book

RICHARD SCHAD, author of “The Taste of Air”

“The book builds, consuming page-after-page faster than the forest fire. I couldn’t wait to know what happened next. I loved the book.”

revBy a mystical gravity, one is drawn…

PAULA J. KRUEGER, M.A., Spiritual Counselor, Illuminate Consulting

“By a mystical gravity, one is drawn into the sacred Circle of Na’mow. The characters’ human, ordinary lives intertwine with spiritual hidden treasures that tingle the senses and enchant the psyche…Let the Circle draw you in.”

revA panoramic novel

KATE THOMPSON, M.A., author of “Therapeutic Journal Writing” and a mountain inhabitant

“’The Circle of Na’mow’ is a panoramic novel. It weaves together the individual stories of women in a mountain community and places them against the ineluctable forces of nature. They are intimately bound together and we must go with them.”

About Authors




Gretchen is a storyteller, bodyworker, artist, Universal Life minister, and seeker of new experiences. She earned a B.A. from the University of Colorado in 1976 with a major in art history and minor in anthropology. For over 20 years, she owned and operated a successful polarity therapy and neuromuscular massage therapy business in Boulder, Colorado.

Gretchen’s personal curiosity in metaphysics has been an ongoing fascination since she was a youngster growing up in Elmira, NY. Early in her adult years she had two near death experiences that profoundly influenced her life choices.

The Rocky Mountains west of Boulder has been her home for 40 years. She’s been married for 37 years and is the mother of one child. The quote that best sums up her view of the world is, “All things are possible if you believe”. “The Circle of Na’mow” is her first novel.




Anna’s personal belief is: “You CAN have it all in this lifetime, just not all at the same time,” and the diversity of her experiences is proof of this. They ranged from owning and operating a home day care center to being the CEO of a large international technology company. She currently runs a consulting business focused on executive advisement and management services. Anna loves spending time in her “church of nature” hiking with her dog. Her family, reading, decorating, and sipping fine tequilas with friends are her greatest joy and inspiration.

Anna grew up in Kettering, Ohio. When she was 13, she had a dream of living in the wilds of the Rocky Mountains, and she fulfilled that dream when she moved to Colorado in 1973. She currently resides in the foothills west of Boulder. “The Circle of Na’mow” is her first novel.

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We come spinning out of nothingness, scattering stars
… the stars form a circle, and in the center we dance.”
~ Rumi